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Hello there, I am here to create thumbnails for you!

All you need to do is drag and drop some images onto me and you get a zip file containing the thumbnails.

You can alter the look and quality of the thumbnails.

All this happens on your own computer, none of the images get uploaded to the cloud - you can even go offline if you want to.

If you resize me (or click the pin icon) I turn into a simple drop-things-here app.

If you have some issues with me, please get in contact.

Still confused? Check out this video!

Now go and create some thumbnails.

All the work here is done by Chris Heilmann, so send him a tweet if you're stuck.

The source code of this is on GitHub, and you can also file issues there.

Thanks must go to:

Stuart Knightley for JSZip , Eli Grey for FileSaver, Joe Prince for the Handlee font and GitHub for Octicons.

Demo thumbnail photo model: Penelope Pickles.

Now go and create some thumbnails.